Karl Shakur

If you've been on Instagram at all over the last 5-10 years, chances are you have come across Karl Shakur's page. He's one of the big time photographers whose work takes him to some of the most incredible locations around the world. He's energy is infectious and you can't help but find yourself replicating his ear-to-ear grin when you're in his presence. Karl went to uni to do architecture - but it was simply a means to inject some creativity into his career while getting a 'real' degree. He's never used his Masters since graduating, but thinks his knowledge of architecture strongly influences the composition of his photos.

“I have traditional African parents - you can either be a doctor or a lawyer. Going for architecture was a way for me to get creative and come up with a ‘real’ degree.”

One thing Karl is trying to get better at, and was trying to impress onto PHCL videographer, Sam Moody, is the importance of taking proper rest - particularly if you have a hectic schedule. Karl thinks it's the key to coming out the gates fresh for every new project, and ultimately creating work he's proud to put his name to. 

“Taking rest is not something that comes easily - especially if you work play and work, because taking photos to me is super fun.”

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