Db x Safeback Announce Partnership

Db and Safeback are designing the world’s first backcountry vest integrating the Safeback SBX avalanche survival system.

As two Scandinavian brands, both focused on finding new approaches to long-standing user problems, Db and Safeback have entered a partnership to integrate the SBX into a well-balanced and user-friendly vest for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.

Db’s roots, from day one, have firmly been planted in snow sports - especially focused on seamlessly getting you and your gear to and from the mountain. By introducing this touring vest, Db’s acclaimed design approach will also be there for you on the mountain, through day trips and sidecountry missions alike.

“Our snow collection has always been about giving riders freedom to explore the mountains. With this vest, and the rest of our on-mountain packs, Db is bringing a high level of performance and durability to backcountry skiers and snowboarders where they need it the most. By integrating the Safeback SBX, we are at the forefront of functional mountain safety and design - an opportunity that could not to be missed. We are very proud to announce our partnership with Safeback, and our first product together,” said Lasse Andersen Hodne, Head of Snow at Db.

Our design team have made significant contributions to the integration of Safeback SBX into the form of a backpack. The new Backcountry Vest fully integrates Safeback SBX into its design. 

“We were iterating on a powder vest to encourage skiers and snowboarders to always consider carrying avalanche gear, no matter how deep the days. When Safeback came to us, integrating the SBX unit into our Backcountry Vest gave Db more justification to create a lightweight avalanche safety solution, while providing complete freedom of movement for the rider,” explained Hunter Nordhauser, Senior Designer at Db.

Safeback SBX, winner of the ISPO Award in 2022, is the first system of its kind to actively supply air to snow burial victims, extending the survival window after burial in an avalanche or tree well without requiring a mouthpiece. This vest will be among the first-ever packs launched with this system.

“Safeback’s ambition has always been to develop products that can help save lives in the backcountry, in close cooperation with our partners in the backpack manufacturing industry. We work with serious and ambitious companies who share our vision for quality and safety. DB has shown considerable dedication to developing the next generation of avalanche products with us, and we look forward to launching together next season,” commented Tor Berge, CEO and Co-founder of Safeback.

Db’s Backcountry Vest with Safeback SBX is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of skiers and snowboarders - from resort riders looking for an added layer of protection against tree wells on the deepest days, to backcountry riders taking day trips in avalanche terrain.

The product will be available in markets worldwide in the fall of 2023. 

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