Date of birth
April 26, 1992

Oslo, Norway

If you follow Olav on Instagram, you’ll be hard pushed not be incredibly jealous of the life his grid paints. Private jets, boats, bikes, fast cars, the Chainsmokers, Kygo, Axwell & Ingrosso, G Eazy and Justin Bieber. How can one person get access to *so* much? Through seriously hard graft, friends. 

Olav has a style that’s completely his own which makes him pretty unique in the creative industry. He propelled himself onto the global stage at warp speed. His work ethic is almost unrivalled and the quality of the content he produces is second to none. There’s a heap of work that Olav puts in behind the scenes too. When the clients have signed off and the artists have approved his latest edit, Olav is still working. Working on himself to fuel his passion, believing in himself, finding his flow, honing his craft and setting himself clear and specific goals that keep him driving forwards.

Its funny, even when we started working together he challenged us to not label him photographer.  Its photographer, filmer, creative, NFT creator, event producer and probably 10 other titles you can put on there too.  We’re excited to be partnering for an Olav edition in ‘23…. Stay ready,

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"I create stuff. I love working with my hands. I shoot photos, make films. Basically, all the stuff I look up to is the craft of everything. I want to enjoy the craft and effort it takes to create things."

- Olav Stubberud

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